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Developer's Guide

What the Cocoon Data API can do

The Cocoon Data API allows your application to:

To perform the activities above, a Cocoon Data user account is required to be authenticated to the Cocoon Data Platform, which permits access to the Cocoon Data Platform's resources (i.e. through Cocoon Data API endpoints) that are available to this user.

Tools for accessing the Cocoon Data API


Example API calls used throughout this Developer's Guide are based on the standard command line tool cURL, which allows you to construct API requests at the command line to submit to the appropriate endpoints of either the Cocoon Data Platform's Access or Content Services.

Postman - REST Client

The Google Chrome tool Postman - REST Client, provides a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows you to construct and save a set of API endpoint requests to submit to the Cocoon Data Platform. Postman also allows you to upload data files to submit as part of a request (e.g. binary data as part of a multi-part form data element).

Developer's Guide contents

This Developer's Guide consists of the following sections: