Microsoft Add-ins for SafeShare
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Microsoft Add-ins for SafeShare CS1.2

This documentation is for CS1.x versions of the Cocoon Data SafeShare application.

Please refer to our important notice for information that relates to this documentation.

What is SafeShare?

Cocoon Data SafeShare is a file sharing and collaboration solution that protects business information from breaches and enables governance and regulatory compliance requirements for ITAR & EAR and other regulation requirements. SafeShare ensures the storage, sharing, retrieval and collaboration of sensitive data remains streamlined, accessible and secure – within your organisation’s network, outside your organisation’s network, to mobile devices and to the cloud. SafeShare is available as a private or a public cloud solution.

How does it work?

When an authorised user uploads data using their browser or mobile application, SafeShare transparently encrypts the information using a unique cryptographic key for each file. Files remain encrypted within the SafeShare application and when synchronised to an end-user device. SafeShare does not decrypt data until the authorised users view it on their devices. Granular permissions let you control which users can view, download, and edit sensitive information.