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URL structure

1 https://access-service.xy-company.com/theme...

where ... represents either nothing or any one of the following paths (appended to the URL above):

  • /adminEmail
  • /adminHelpUrl
  • /androidAuthenticatorUrl
  • /applicationName
  • /companyName
  • /copyright
  • /iphoneAuthenticatorUrl
  • /legalUrl
  • /orgAdminHelpUrl
  • /orgRemovalActionDays
  • /privacyUrl
  • /supportLink
  • /versionUrl
  • /webappHelpUrl
  • /windowsAuthenticatorUrl

Supported methods and overview

Note: This method takes no parameters.

Detailed description

This API endpoint retrieves the current values for all theme-related SafeShare Administration properties (i.e. when nothing is appended to the URL above). Many of these properties can be overridden through Organisation Administration.

Each of the following paths (which can be appended to the URL above) relates to an individual property (accessible through the System Details section of the Configuration page of SafeShare Administration), such that making a GET request on that URL/path combination retrieves the value for that property only:

Appended URL path System Details property Can be modified through this API endpoint
/adminEmail Admin Email <access-service>/api/v1/config/theme/adminEmail
/adminHelpUrl SafeShare Administration Help URL <access-service>/api/v1/config/theme/adminHelpUrl
/androidAuthenticatorUrl Android Phone Authenticator URL <access-service>/api/v1/config/theme/androidAuthenticatorUrl
/applicationName Application Name <access-service>/api/v1/config/theme/applicationName
/companyName Company Name <access-service>/api/v1/config/theme/companyName
/copyright Email Notification Copyright Notice <access-service>/api/v1/config/theme/copyright
/iphoneAuthenticatorUrl iPhone Authenticator URL <access-service>/api/v1/config/theme/iphoneAuthenticatorUrl
/legalUrl Legal URL <access-service>/api/v1/config/theme/legalUrl
/orgAdminHelpUrl Organisation Administration Help URL <access-service>/api/v1/config/theme/orgAdminHelpUrl
/orgRemovalActionDays Days to action organisation removal <access-service>/api/v1/config/theme/orgRemovalActionDays
/privacyUrl The URL of the privacy statement <access-service>/api/v1/config/theme/privacyUrl
/supportLink Support URL <access-service>/api/v1/config/theme/supportLink
/versionUrl Version URL <access-service>/api/v1/config/theme/versionUrl
/webappHelpUrl Web Application Help URL <access-service>/api/v1/config/theme/webappHelpUrl
/windowsAuthenticatorUrl Windows Phone Authenticator URL <access-service>/api/v1/config/theme/windowsAuthenticatorUrl

Supported roles and conditions

This request does not require any authentication or authorization through a Cocoon Data user account.

Required headers

No additional headers are required for submission with this request. This request does not require an access (i.e. Bearer) token.


If the request succeeded, then an HTTP response status 200 OK is returned.

For successful requests only, a JSON-formatted response containing the following members is also returned:

  • property_name - The name of the property, followed by its value.
    • Most property_names are similar to (but do not match) the URL path components above, which can be appended to this endpoint's URL. These names are hard-coded in the Cocoon Data Platform.
    • When a URL path component is appended to this endpoint's URL, the property name is returned as just property.
    Example (response from a GET request to '<access-service>/theme'):
    "copyright": "YEAR Cocoon Data.",
    "authenticator_windows_url": "https://www.windowsphone.com/en-au/store/app/authenticator/021dd79f-0598-e011-986b-78e7d1fa76f8",
    "authenticator_android_url": "https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.authenticator2",
    "support_link": "https://cocoondata.com/support",
    "org_admin_help_url": "https://docs.cocoondata.com/latest/admin-org/",
    "admin_email": "",
    "admin_help_url": "https://docs.cocoondata.com/latest/admin-platform/",
    "application_name": "SafeShare",
    "legal_url": "https://cocoondata.com/privacy/",
    "company_name": "Cocoon Data",
    "authenticator_iphone_url": "https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/google-authenticator/id388497605?mt=8",
    "privacy_url": "",
    "webapp_help_url": "https://docs.cocoondata.com/latest/user/",
    "version_url": "https://cocoondata.com/support"

    Example (response from a GET request to '<access-service>/theme/companyName'):
    "property": "Cocoon Data"